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Grants and Funding

AIS Research Grant Program

Prioritise resources and promote applied research in areas of critical importance to Australia’s high performance sport system.

Led by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), the National Sport Research Agenda includes a high-performance focus, described in the National High Performance Sport Research Agenda (NHPSRA, see Appendix 1), which was developed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in partnership with the National Institutes Network (NIN). The aim of the NHPSRA is to prioritise resources and promote research in areas of critical importance to Australia’s high performance sport system.


Aligned to the Successful Athlete priority of the NHPSRA, the purpose of the 2024 AIS Research and Development (R&D) Grant Program is to support the undertaking of quality R&D project(s) that will lead to better decision-making in the context of return to play and sport performance; supporting safe and efficient, state of the art management of injuries and/or illnesses.

    Equity, diversity, and inclusion principles are fundamental to ensuring that all athletes are supported, contributing to increased chances of achieving sporting goals on all fronts.

    Download 2023-24 AIS Research Grant Guidelines

    Recommendations for conducting AIS-supported research

    Important dates:

    • Guidelines release
      18 September 2023
    • Applications open
      25 September 2023
    • Applications close
      10 November 2023, 12pm AEDT
    • Notifications of shortlisted applicants
      Late November 2023
    • Interviews of shortlisted applicants (Full R&D proposal)
      Nov 2023 - Jan 2024
    • Notifications of successful applicants
      February 2024

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    Grant amount awarded

    The total budget for the 2024 AIS R&D Grants program is $400,000 (exclusive of GST).

    The AIS will determine the final grant amount as part of the assessment process.

    It is intended that the project(s) will commence in 2024 and be completed in two calendar years from the commencement date, however the time frame may vary subject to written agreement with the AIS.

    Application process

    Please refer to the Guidelines for detailed information on the application process.

    Eligibility criteria

    The AIS will only accept applications from Eligible Organisations.

    • The Eligible Organisation submitting the application will be the ‘Administering Organisation’ (which is the Organisation linked with the Principal Investigator).
    • Eligible Organisation linked with Associate Investigator(s) listed on the application will be an ‘Other Eligible Organisation’.
    • Eligible Organisation supporting the application without the direct involvement of an Investigator from their organization (e.g. endorsing the project, or providing cash and/or in kind support only) will be ‘Partner Organisations’.

    An investigator may only be named Principal Investigator on one application. There is no limit to the number of applications on which an investigator may be named as an Associate Investigator. ASC staff and/or ASC affiliates are ineligible to apply as Principal Investigator.

    The AIS encourages collaboration between ‘value add’ partners including National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and / or National Sporting Organisations for people with a disability (NSODs) as recognised by the Australian Sports Commission, as well as Paralympics Australia, the Australian Olympic Committee, and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, State Institutes and Academies of Sport, other research organisations and other industry partners.

    The AIS is focused on world best outcomes, so any Eligible Organisation that can deliver on the Grant’s objectives are encouraged to apply.

    The AIS will only accept applications from Eligible Organisations as identified below.

    Eligible Organisations

    To be eligible, Organisations, must:

    • Not be an organisation named by the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse ( on its list of “Institutions that have not joined or signified their intent to join the Scheme”.

    Additionally, the Administering Organisation must:

    • Have an Australian Business Number; and

    additionally, the Administering Organisation and Other Eligible Organisation(s) must:

    • Have demonstrated capabilities to undertake quality R&D projects to deliver outcomes aligned to the NHPSRA.

    What the grant money can be used for

    Eligible grant activities

    All items for which grant money is sought must be justified in the application to the AIS’s satisfaction.

    Grant funds are for the explicit use of supporting the research proposal that has been submitted. The AIS encourages the use of part of the funds to engage a statistician and/or expert(s) in research methodology (e.g. trialist and/or epidemiologist with accreditation, formal education or documented experience).

    Ineligible grant activities

    Funds are not to be used for the purchase of capital expenditure of any kind including computer hardware, office furniture or clinical machinery unless approved in writing by the AIS. Funds are not to be used for the purposes of covering organizational overhead costs, unless approved in writing by the AIS. Funds are not to be used for costs not directly related to the project, including but not limited to, professional membership fees, fees for patent application and maintenance.

    The AIS may, at its absolute discretion, determine whether any project costs involve items not permitted. If such a determination is made, then the AIS may decide to not support part or all the application for funding.

    Additional information


    If you have any questions regarding the AIS Research Grants Program, please contact the AIS Research Office via

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