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Grants and Funding

dAIS Athlete Grant

Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games athletes can be nominated by their NSO for a direct athlete income support grant.

In support of the HP2032+ Sport Strategy outcomes, the Federal Government, through the ASC dAIS scheme, aims to provide athletes with direct financial support to enable them to focus on training and competitions to achieve the strategy targets in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports.

Who can apply for dAIS?

While dAIS is a direct athlete grant, athletes do not apply for a dAIS grant by themselves. Athletes are nominated by their NSO.

To be considered for a dAIS grant, an athlete must:

  1. Be nominated by their NSO;
  2. Be categorised in accordance with the NSO sport specific Athlete Categorisation Framework;
  3. Be training to represent Australia in an Olympic, Paralympic or Commonwealth Games event/discipline;
  4. Be an Australian citizen and eligible to represent Australia at the next Olympic, Paralympic or Commonwealth Games;
  5. Be following an individual performance plan which is endorsed by their NSO;
  6. Satisfy the dAIS means test (refer to Section 9);
  7. Have a signed athlete agreement with their NSO and not be in breach of that agreement;
  8. Not be currently serving a sanction or provisional suspension for an anti-doping rule violation and/or not be in breach of a NSO integrity policy including Member Protection, Competition Manipulation & Sports Wagering, Misuse of Drugs and Medicines;
  9. Para athletes only - Hold a review or confirmed status international classification. Para athletes who do not hold an international classification should hold a national classification and be planning to seek international classification within an acceptable timeframe.

The ASC will determine NSO eligibility to nominate athletes based on an assessment of the HP2032+ Sport Strategy outcomes and the prioritisation of funding to ensure the right support gets to the right athletes to deliver medal-winning success at future Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games.

Changes to dAIS scheme

The ASC has revised the dAIS scheme to shift more towards identifying and ‘awarding’ athletes who can contribute to performance outcomes at the next pinnacle event, rather than a retrospective ‘reward’ for past performances. The dAIS Scheme will align with the National Athlete Categorisation Framework (NACF) to identify, develop and progress athletes along a defined and time limited pathway to the podium.

Please see dAIS Guidelines for further information regarding the changes.


For further information, please contact your NSO and/or Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Manager, or contact the ASC at

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