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NSO Investment

National Sporting Organisation (NSO) Investment 2022-23

Participation Growth Funding Frequently Asked Questions for NSOs/NSODs

Participation Growth Funding (PGF), formerly known as Core Participation Funding, is a new annual investment that will support select National Sporting Organisations (NSO) and National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability (NSOD) to deliver measurable and sustainable participation outcomes.

The Australian Sports Commission strategic vision is that sport has a place for everyone and delivers results that make Australia proud. The ASC will lead, support, and provide opportunities for all communities to be involved in sport, while growing elite success and representation, inspiring future generations.

Our strategic pillars are:

  • Lead and enable the world’s best sport system
  • Involve more Australians with sport at all levels
  • Drive innovation in sport

The drivers of participation have been identified as having significant influence on driving positive participation outcomes. While PGF will no longer be aligned to the participation drivers, the drivers remain an important resource for supporting the growth of your sport.

It is expected that the participation priorities this funding supports are aligned with your current national participation plan.

In 2023/24 your organisation will receive the same amount of PGF that you received in 2022/23.

Yes. NSOs and NSODs are required to work in partnership with their allocated Participation Advisor to develop agreed participation priorities prior to submission.

A list of investment priority areas will be included in the 2023/24 PGF Investment Guidelines. Your Participation Advisor will discuss and confirm investment priorities with you.

In partnership with your Participation Advisor, NSOs and NSODs will be required to complete an online form via the ASC Partner Portal outlining priority activities and budget allocation

All sports are required to work in partnership with their Participation Advisor before submitting their priorities. Working in partnership with your Advisor will enable priorities to be finalised and agreed with Participation Advisors quickly.

A key component of the PGF program is the establishment of a formal network for NSO/NSOD participation managers to connect and collaborate on sport participation topics. Members of this network will be invited to attend regular face to face forums and online webinars, delivered by Sport Australia, and are encouraged to suggest topics of interest.

The ASC will create a set of reporting requirements for each NSO and NSOD that receive funding. Reporting at the mid-year and end of year timeframes will be required and supported by regular meetings with your Participation Advisor throughout the funding period.

When setting your activities, it is essential that they are specific to increasing participation in your sport. To achieve this, use the SMART acronym to assist you in developing your activities:

SMART AcronymDescription
S - SpecificTargets a specific area of participation
M - MeasurableQuantifies or suggests an indicator of progress
A - AttainableThe target can be achieved within the funding period
R - RelevantThe activity is relevant to increasing participation
T - TimelyWhen will the activity be complete
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