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PE – Essential skills for primary teachers

The Physical Education (PE) – Essential skills course is designed to help primary teachers build the skills and confidence to deliver purposeful and engaging PE.

  • Improve your students physical fitness, health and academic performance.
  • Help children unlock the value and benefits of sport and encourage healthy active habits for life.
  • Learn from your peers and experts, as they share their tips for successfully delivering quality PE at school.
  • Earn professional learning hours and further your expertise and credentials as an educator.
  • Engage in free professional development, supporting you to learn in your own time, and at your own pace.

Who this course is for: Primary school teachers (non-HPE)

Course modules: 6 [~3 hours]

Location: Online

Cost: Free

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About the course

The course provides:

  1. Tips on how to plan and deliver a purposeful PE lesson
  2. Knowledge of curriculum requirements
  3. Access to comprehensive resources
  4. Professional development and learning hours.

What you will learn

More information

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