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AIS Engineering hit the target with custom Para Archery stool

09 January 2022

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Engineering team supports sports, athletes and coaches through the development and delivery of customised technology and equipment.

In 2022, the AIS team worked with Paralympic Archer Imalia Oktrininda to develop a custom shooting stool.

"Working with the AIS engineering has been really good. The stool is going to give me an advantage, it feels like I am more balanced and stable," said Imalia Oktrininda, who previously used a modified drummer's stool while competing.

Over six months, the team engaged with Imalia and her coach and were able to create a new stool that was lighter, more transportable and adaptive to her needs.

"We were looking to develop a product that was not only more stable but easier for her to use and to customise," said AIS Engineering Project Adviser, Callum McNamara.

"This stool provides extreme rigidity using high-tech tools such as aerospace-grade aluminium and carbon fibre, but is also easy to disassemble and can accommodate her crutches while she is shooting."

The stool is one of a number of projects completed by the team recently including a wheelchair for Dylan Alcott, knee joint adapters for world champion sprinter and long jumper Vanessa Low, and seats for rowing, wheelchair tennis, rugby and wheelchair basketball.

"Customisation is so important for all of our athletes as they are working at the highest end of their sports, as adapting athlete's equipment allows them to maximise their potential," added McNamara.

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