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Does your sport employ international coaches?

19 October 2020

AIS and Sport Australia are inviting people to be part of a consultation process to assess the impact of potential changes for sporting organisations that employ international coaches.

If your sport employs international coaches, you could be impacted by potential changes to visas that international sports coaches can obtain to work in Australia.

Potential visa changes for international coaches

In late 2019 ‘sports coaching’ was reclassified under the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) list.

This reclassification could change the visas that international sports coaches are eligible to apply for under the Skilled Migration Program, which may make them ineligible to work in Australia for more than six months. A decision on changes to visas for sports coaches is pending.

ASC Consultation project

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is seeking to consult with potentially impacted sporting organisations and other industry stakeholders to help the ASC understand the employment needs of Australia's sport industry.

As part of this consultation, the ASC will be conducting research and analysis of the sport system to understand the impact of the potential change for sporting organisations which employ international coaches.

We are encouraging all sporting organisations potentially impacted to get involved in this consultation process.

The Opportunity - a Sport Industry Agreement

One option being explored by the ASC as part of this project is an Industry Labour Agreement that would have the potential to:

  • Simplify how organisations engage highly qualified international sports coaches.
  • Help address the complex industry-wide issue of global talent recruitment and retention within a competitive international industry.

The ASC wants to engage with you to learn more about your current coaching framework and whether international coaches are employed in your sport or organisation.

If you would like to take part in the consultation process or for more information please click here.

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