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Professional development at the forefront for the AIS

05 June 2023

Professional development is ramping up across the country as the AIS continues to work alongside the National Institute Network to deliver specialised training aimed at upskilling the sporting workforce.

SASI staff working through a project
The AIS Stakeholder Management Course was delivered to high performance coaches, support staff and managers from around the country.

Last month, the AIS Stakeholder Management Course was delivered to 14 high performance coaches, movement scientists and managers at the South Australian Sport Institute (SASI).

The course aimed to teach participants how to strengthen and utilise their internal and external networks while giving them a chance to work on their purpose and strategic goals.

SASI Coach Development Lead Michael Nelson said: “The course created a great learning environment and taught SASI staff how to effectively use their skills to make a positive impact within the national sporting system.”

A week later the same course was delivered to 21 coaches, support staff and management at the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) across two days.

While the bulk of the course content was similar, there was a strong focus on learning how to operate efficiently with others, work through challenging conversations and understand people’s perception of them.

WAIS Coach Development Lead Belinda Stowell said: “The course supported our overall strategy to help enhance high performance teams while encouraging the sharing of insights and perspectives. Furthermore, it helped participants strengthen their partnerships and grow their networks.”

The AIS Stakeholder Management Course is supported through the AIS Leadership & Professionalism Team. The team deliver a range of short courses focused on leadership and professionalism to national sporting organisations and NIN partners.

More information about their work can be found here.

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