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Shaun Creighton New Chair of AIS Ethics Committee

17 January 2022

Two-time Olympian and former AIS scholarship holder Shaun Creighton has been appointed Chair of the AIS Ethics Committee, which focuses on safeguarding the rights of athletes as participants in research studies.

The former Australian distance runner brings intrinsic knowledge to the role, with experience in governance, intellectual property law, high performance coaching, sports administration, and sports science.

“Working with the AIS Ethics Committee brings together my experience and a lot of things I have a passion for,” said Creighton. “As I get further away from my own sporting career, I’m motivated to do something that gives back to the elite sporting community.”

Formed in 1987, the primary role of the AIS Ethics Committee is to assess the ethical implications of research projects undertaken in the National High Performance Sports System.

“Sports research is obviously very important for Australia staying at the forefront of elite sport, but you’re obviously bound with rules, regulations and ethical considerations. You need people who are experts in the field to give due consideration of what’s appropriate and what’s within regulation and guidelines. It’s an important role to play and requires a body that can draw a line in the sand,” Creighton said.

“I’m following behind some very illustrious alumni, and I’ll be continuing on with that stewardship. We will be working collaboratively to encourage and enable sports research in Australia while providing the appropriate guidelines.”

As a former AIS scholarship athlete for 10 years and a High Performance Scholarship AIS Coach during two of those years, Creighton looks forward to re-joining the AIS in this new capacity.

“I’m delighted to have an association with the AIS again. Having been on scholarship from age 22 to 32, the AIS has been an important part of my life and is very close to my heart. To have an opportunity to come back and contribute to the work the AIS does is personally very satisfying.”

The AIS thanks Aurora Andruska for her dedication as Chair of the Ethics Committee since 2015.

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