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Sporting Schools program reaches major milestone

14 November 2022

More than 12 million school children from all corners of the country have been provided with sporting opportunities under the ASC’s Sporting Schools program.

Student from Woodlinks State School in Queensland participating in the Sporting Wheelies Program.
Students from Woodlinks State School enjoying the Aussie Hoops program.

The program, launched in 2015, aims to increase children’s sport participation in sport by providing free programs to students. More than 8,500 schools have now received funding to deliver over 37 different sports.

Woodlinks State School in Queensland said the program has been life-changing for their students.

"The children were so excited to engage in the Aussie Hoops program delivered by Sporting Wheelies,’’ said schoolteacher Jazmine Stefanaras.

“We watched the Paralympic basketball team earlier in the week in preparation for the Sporting Schools session.”

Delivered in conjunction with Basketball Australia, Sporting Wheelies enables schools to experience new sports while learning about sport for people with disabilities.

The program encourages children to learn to play wheelchair basketball, which promotes inclusion and raises awareness about accessibility for all students.

“We use the program as an opportunity to share information about local sporting programs that children with disabilities can access,” Sporting Wheelies Project Administrator Robert Mitchell said.

The program also introduces students to para-athlete coaches, who share their stories of resilience and achieving sporting success on the world stage.

“We normally do a Q&A session at the end of the program, which allows our coaches to speak about their disability.

"The session provides a fantastic opportunity for students to ask questions in a safe space,” said Mitchell.

“Children loved the program. They were surprised at how fast the sport can be and how talented the athletes and coaches are,” said Stefanaras.

“Sessions like this are important because they help students understand and embrace people’s differences.”

The Sporting Schools program falls within one of the ASC's key strategic pillars: 'To have more Australians involved in organised sport.'

To view the full 2021-22 Annual Report click here.

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