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ASC launches new Strategic Vision

05 October 2022

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has launched its new strategic vision, outlining the key focus areas for the next decade and beyond.

The Australia Sport's Commission's Strategic Vision: Our Green and Gold decade of opportunity, including an image of athlete Peter Bol and a girl football player
The ASC's Strategic Vision is intended to guide sport in Australia beyond the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

Titled Our Green and Gold decade of opportunity, the strategic vision sets the target of establishing Australia as the world’s best sporting nation.

With the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games on the horizon, the ASC’s vision is that ‘sport has a place for everyone and delivers results that make Australia proud’.

The ASC will lead, support and provide opportunities for all communities to be involved in sport, while growing elite success and representation, inspiring future generations.

The vision consists of three strategic goals:

  • to lead and enable the world’s best sport system
  • involve more Australians with sport at all levels
  • drive innovation in sport.

“This is a defining era for Australian sport,” ASC Chair Josephine Sukkar AM said.

“In the coming decade, Australia will host the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria along with world cups and world championships across a plethora of sports.

“This is an incredible opportunity to unite, inspire and build Australia through sport.

“The sporting strategies, programs and facilities we deliver now have the capacity to shape Australia’s long-term prosperity, well beyond sporting boundaries.

“A thriving Australian sport system is enormously influential to a thriving Australia.”

ASC CEO Kieren Perkins OAM says Brisbane 2032 cannot be seen as the end game, rather a springboard towards ongoing sustainable success.

“I truly believe we are entering one of the greatest periods of opportunity in Australia’s sporting history,” he said.

“Our most important job will be to put these words into action. Any game plan in sport is only as good as the way in which you deliver it.

“The reality is that for Australia to establish the world’s best sporting system, none of us here will be able to win alone.

“But if we can all be part of this together, we will achieve remarkable things. Not just for sport, but for Australia.”

As part of the strategic vision launch, the brand name Sport Australia is being retired with the ASC moving forward as one integrated organisation incorporating both participation and high performance sport.

The ASC will continue to produce a rolling four-year Corporate Plan that will operationalise this strategic vision and detail the specific key activities, targets and performance measures.

Mr Perkins spoke about the strategic vision and the ASC’s vision for sport at the National Press Club. The address can be viewed on iView.

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