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Australian Sports Commission helping sport directors tackle risk

29 August 2022

Sporting organisation directors can now access the latest training module in the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC’s) free Director Education course.

Understanding risk is one of the fundamental responsibilities of a board, enabling it to proactively protect the organisation from harm.

The Defence – Risk Education for Directors course is designed to assist directors at all levels, from grass roots to national bodies, identify and assess risk and set a risk management system that allows sports to perform at their highest level.

Contributors to The Defence have more than 100 years of combined experience. These industry professionals are:

  • Andrea McQuitty, President and Chair, Paddle Australia
  • John Croll AM, Chair, Disability Sports Australia
  • Margot Foster AM, Vice-President, Motorsport Australia
  • Marina Go, Chair, Netball Australia
  • Michael Smith, Director, AusCycling

Chair of Netball Australia, Marina Go, said the course would help directors think about risk.

“It will improve their ability to make the right decisions with regard to risk, and ultimately that provides safety within the organisation,” she said.

This module is a follow-up to The Startline, the popular introductory course aimed at helping existing and future directors understand their responsibilities and make effective contributions to their organisation’s board.

The Director Education Course is housed on the ASC’s Australian Sport Learning Centre which recently celebrated 100,000 learners since launching 12 months ago.

For more information on the ASC’s governance resources and access to the training modules, visit our Sport Governance and Organisational Enhancement page.

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