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Clearinghouse celebrates 10 years of service to Australian sport

25 January 2022

The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) is approaching two big milestones as it continues to demonstrate its value to the Australian sport sector.

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Members perform over one million information transactions through the Clearinghouse each year.

Established in 2012, the Clearinghouse is the information and knowledge sharing platform for Australian sport.

2022 will see the Clearinghouse celebrate its 10th anniversary while also closing in on 30,000 members.

As part of the Australian Sports Commission, the Clearinghouse brings together the country’s leading sport and active recreation agencies to share news, evidence and insights about sport, human performance, and physical activity.

The Clearinghouse informs Australian athletes, coaches, physical educators, scientists, medical providers, researchers, administrators, students, facility managers, policy makers, volunteers, and sporting officials about good and promising practice in sport and active recreation. It also provides Australian governments at all levels with comprehensive and policy-relevant analysis of research.

In October 2020, Sport Australia completed a major upgrade of the Clearinghouse website to improve user experience, update content and remove outdated material to ensure it continues to provide current and relevant information to the sector.

Membership to the Clearinghouse is free. There are currently more than 28,300 members who perform over one million information transactions through the Clearinghouse each year.

In addition to accessing information and research through the website, members also receive the Daily Sports News (DSN) in their inbox each morning.

The DSN covers Australian and international news, events, major announcements, latest research and analysis in sport, with the Clearinghouse team adding detailed results and athlete schedules to the daily summary during major events such as the Tokyo 2020 Games and the upcoming Beijing Winter Games.

The Clearinghouse continues to see high levels of use and demand across its various information service channels. It is continually adding new content to its knowledge base and resource sections, including promoting events and job opportunities across the sporting sector.

The Clearinghouse thanks its partners including Government organisations, the National Institute Network, Australian peak bodies and sports organisations for their continued support to deliver these important services to benefit Australian sport and advance a more cohesive, innovative and effective sector.

And for those unfamiliar with the term Clearinghouse, it’s a commonly used academic term to reference a central agency for collection, classification and distribution of information.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is committed to supporting and growing Australian sport at all levels. Our 2021-2025 Corporate Plan highlights Sport Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS) commitment to grow participation in organised sport and continue to support high performance sport, while developing the champions of the future.

You can become a member by visiting the Clearinghouse for Sport website or read about our other programs like Sporting Schools and Game Plan on our website.

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The Clearinghouse will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.
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