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Physical literacy a hot topic at Copacabana Public School

Thanks to Sporting School’s funding, students at Copacabana have been among some of the most physically active in the state.

The school is recognising the important role physical literacy plays in the development of children’s confidence and motivation to engage in regular physical activity. ‘The Sporting Schools program is not only giving all our students extra fitness for a healthier lifestyle, but it is also helping children foster a lifelong interest in sport.’

Australia’s Physical Activity Guidelines recommend children engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week.

‘The Sporting Schools program is helping our school to achieve the minimum of 150 minutes for students across the school week.’ teacher, Craig Mitchell said.

Outside of the program the school is engaging in activities that will continue to support physical literacy development for students. Sporting Schools providers have also offered their support to build the school into an active community.

‘This term we have secured Mitchell Ede and his coaching crew from AFL who have kindly donated 25 brand new footballs to our school to support skill development.’

For tips on how you can encourage physical literacy development in your school check out our Play for life resources and turn your school into an active community.

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