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Tri Tag Rugby: new Rugby Australia program kicks-off in schools

A brand-new Rugby Australia program is changing the game and turning heads across the country.

Founded by dual-code superstar Mark Gasnier, Tri Tag Rugby offers a safe, inclusive, and fast-paced alternative to the traditional game.

“The whole idea is to introduce more participants to Rugby Union and to empower them with the understanding, skills, and confidence to continue their journey in sport and physical activity,” Gasnier said.

“Tri Tag Rugby embraces all the aspects that make Rugby Union unique; scrums, lineouts, and the breakdown, but does so in a way that is fun and accessible for all participants, regardless of skill or experience.”

Using an innovative three-tag stretchable tagging belt, Tri Tag Rugby simulates match play in a safe, non-contact environment. It's Rugby without the bumps and bruises.

The program is helping to challenge perceptions of the game and break down barriers to participation in the community.

“We have been blown away by the public reception, particularly among parents and people new to the game,” Gasnier said.

“A lack of experience, understanding of the rules of Rugby, and concerns about the risk of contact are no longer barriers to participating in and enjoying the game thanks to Tri Tag Rugby.”

Gasnier is keen to see more participants strap on the belt and have a go and is excited to for Tri Tag Rugby to be a part of Sporting Schools.

“The Sporting Schools Program provides the opportunity for students across Australia to now experience the fun and excitement of Tri Tag Rugby.”

“Our focus is on providing a positive, memorable experience for every student and teacher, and we can’t wait to see the smile on their faces.”

Rugby Australia's Tri Tag Rugby Program is available to primary and secondary school students.

For more information, visit the Sporting Schools Rugby Australia page.

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