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Bowls is a very inclusive sport that does not disadvantage any type of participant. Whether they be tall or short, strong or not so strong, male or female, bowls can provide opportunities for every student to play and compete.

Rookie Rollers is designed to enable primary school students to learn to play bowls in an engaging format which is both fun and inclusive. Importantly, it can be played on almost any flat surface including greens, carpets, concrete and wooden floors, allowing easy access and an introduction to the sport.

"The program was a huge success! Our PE Teacher is now taking the rest of the school for the Bowls sessions. All students loved the sessions, and the girls in particular indicated they enjoyed being able to compete against the boys on a level playing field."
Beechboro Primary School

Rookie Rollers

The Rookie Rollers program and equipment kit is designed for primary school students aged between 6 and 12.

Rookie Rollers programs are conducted over a minimum of four sessions and offer a wide variety of activities to select, based on your group’s level of skill and development.

Bowls Australia offer a variety of packages available for schools new to Rookie Rollers and for those schools that have already run the program.

  • All schools must purchase a kit to run the program
  • Please allow 2 weeks for your kit to arrive at your school
Package options Teacher delivered cost Coach delivered cost
New schools
Rookie Rollers school program + kit $1,000 $1,460*
Existing schools
Existing Rookie Rollers school program $0 $460
Additional sessions $0 $115

* Price includes cost of coaching @ $115 per hour, based on four sessions of 45 mins - 1 hour each.

With the support of Deaf Sports Australia, we can also facilitate an Active Deaf Kids program through Sporting Schools. To book, simply outline in the comments that you would like an Active Deaf Kids program.

Bowls Australia Resources and Equipment

The Rookie Rollers kit has been specially designed for school-aged children and is a complete package. The bowls are light-weight and child-sized so children find them easy to handle. The scoring wedge provides a fun and different twist on bowls and increases the amount of activities that can be played.

Rookie Rollers kits can be purchased for $1000 with the scoring wedge costing $100 or a scoring wedge can be purchased separately for $150 or is complimentary upon the purchase of two Rookie Roller Kits.

Rookie Rollers kits include:

  • 32 light-weight rubber bowls
  • Eight jacks
  • 50 cones
  • Target score mat
  • 8 small target hurdles
  • Eight stepping mats
  • One wheeled equipment bag
  • 36 Activity Cards

Additional equipment and Rookie Rollers kits can be purchased directly from Bowls Australia.

For safety reasons, Bowls Australia does not recommend the purchase of any hard ceramic bowls for use by primary school aged children.

Rookie Rollers All Abilities Kit

  • Wheeled equipment bag
  • 32 light-weight rubber bowls (16 blue, 16 orange) with indent on the bias
  • 8 jacks (4 purple, 4 red)
  • 50 cones
  • Target score mat
  • 8 stepping mats
  • 30 activity cards
  • Bowling ramp
  • Bowling arm

Cost: $1,100

Note – when purchasing 2 x Rookie Rollers All Abilities Kits, schools will receive 1 complimentary scoring wedge.

Available individual equipment items (Add ons):

  • Rookie Rollers All Abilities Wedge - $150
  • Rookie Rollers All Abilities Bowling Ramp - $175
  • Rookie Rollers All Abilities Bowling Arm - $80

Bowls Australia (BA) is the national sporting organisation responsible for the leadership, development and management of lawn bowls in Australia. BA members are the eight state and territory bowls associations across Australia.

If a school would like to check the availability of coaches in their area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to work with you.


To deliver the sport of Bowls as a teacher, you need to meet the requirements below:


To deliver the sport of Bowls as a coach, you need to meet the below requirements -

  • Registered in OfficialsHQ as a coach and connected to a provider, SSO or NSO
  • Be aged 16 years or over
  • Hold a current Working with Children Check (paid check) or relevant exemption
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Agree to Coach terms and conditions

To deliver on behalf of Bowls, coaches need to:

Coaching Providers

Sporting Schools is an Australia-wide program in partnership with over 30 national sporting organisations (NSO), of which Bowls Australia is one.

Bowls Australia coordinates all Sporting Schools programs. If you are interested in coaching please contact Bowls Australia or refer to the coaching requirements.

To deliver Bowls as an Endorsed Provider organisation, you need to meet the below requirements -

Bowls Australia

Contact: Patrick Newson
Phone: 03 9480 7100

Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707
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