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Learning to ride is a rite of passage, but learning to ride safely is a skill that children need to be taught. With more than 1.9 million Australian children riding their bikes every week, Cycling Australia's Let’s Ride programs help students develop their knowledge, skills and confidence – supporting children in their independence and giving parents peace of mind.

Let’s Ride has been innovatively linked to the new national PDHPE curriculum, so the program can be delivered as part of a PDHPE strand in primary schools, as a school sport option or as an extra-curricular activity. It is also a great opportunity for schools to promote a healthy lifestyle message, tied into road safety and active travel options.

“Our school thoroughly enjoyed the Let's Ride program and our students learnt fantastic new skills, as well as vital safety knowledge. All instructors were excellent with our students and we will highly recommend it to other schools."   
Rebecca Moore, Principal, Old Noarlunga Primary School, SA

Primary schools program

The Let’s Ride primary program is split into different levels or ‘gears’.

  • Let’s Ride 2nd Gear (targeted towards 8-10 year olds/ Beginners) is a six week program that focuses on bike control skills, so that students are given the techniques to enable them to ride more proficiently in a traffic-free environment (park, backyard, around the block, etc.)
  • Let’s Ride 3rd Gear (targeted towards 11-12 year olds/ Intermediate) is a six week program that focuses on riding and situational awareness, so that students are given the competencies to enable them to ride safely in low-traffic environments (shared paths, footpaths, bike paths, quiet streets, etc.)
  • Let’s Race (targeted towards 9-12 year olds/ Advanced) which is a fun and interactive six week program, held on school grounds, that provides students the opportunity to learn higher level cycling skills. This innovative program has been designed to keep students interested in learning new and exciting skills so that they can enjoy lifelong participation in cycling.

Secondary schools program

Cycling Australia

There are two programs for secondary school students aged 12 to 15:

  • Let's Ride 4th Gear is a four week program that focuses on bike control skills and situational awareness, so that students are given the competencies to enable them to ride safely in low-traffic environments (shared paths, footpaths, bike paths, quiet streets, etc.)
  • She Rides 4th Gear is a four week program that leverages the research used in the development of Cycling Australia’s successful women’s program by modifying the delivery environment to a female-only space. Over a period of four weeks, students will incrementally develop riding skills, knowledge and confidence, supporting them to become safe and independent riders, and providing them with an introduction to the sport of cycling.


Schools can purchase a Let’s Ride equipment kit for $350 to deliver the Let’s Ride program. Each kit includes:

  • Kitbag
  • 48 x coloured cones
  • 10 x traffic cones
  • 10 x hi-vis vests
  • 3 x rubber chickens
  • 3 x whistles
  • 1 x bike pump
  • 1 x stopwatch
  • 1 x bucket of chalk
  • 1 x small first aid kit

Teachers can deliver cycling in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below:


To become a coach and deliver cycling in Sporting Schools please ensure you are working towards the following requirements:

Coaching Providers

Sporting organisations who wish to become a coaching provider for Cycling Australia and deliver in Sporting Schools must meet the requirements below:

  • Hold a valid ABN or declare ABN exempt
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Please contact Cycling Australia at to register as a Let's Ride Delivery Centre and complete associated induction
  • Agree to Cycling Australia's License Agreement
  • There is no cost to become a Let’s Ride Delivery Centre.

NOTE: All coaches that operate under the coaching provider must meet individual cycling coach registration requirements.

Cycling Australia Teacher Training - Let's Ride Schools

The Let’s Ride Schools program allows your school access to cycling training and registration as a Let's Ride School. As part of the program, Cycling Australia will deliver an Introductory Skills Coaching Course for up to eight teachers.

Cycling Australia also offer an additional day of training in the form of a Let’s Ride workshop, which involves hands on learning for teachers as they work with an accredited Let's Ride teacher to implement the program at their school. The program and associate resources are linked to the national PDHPE curriculum.

Upon the completion of training, certified Let's Ride Schools will have access to Cycling Australia's Loyalty Program, where schools are permitted to run one free of charge Loyalty Program each term when another is booked for the school.

Find out more about Let's Ride resources for schools and teachers.

Cycling Australia

Contact: Nicholas Arney 
Phone: (03) 9998 6816

Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707

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