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Riggers programs enable students to experience the fun of rowing in a safe environment that is specifically designed to develop their skills and confidence.

The Riggers programs seek to develop the skills necessary to row, using either indoor rowing machines or traditional on water boats (secondary schools only).

Riggers programs are conducted by accredited rowing coaches and can offer a link for the students to their local rowing club.

"Without exception all the sessions we've done the kids have really been engaged, both the boys and the girls."  

Andrew Hiscocks - Melba Copland Secondary School.

Riggers Indoor Rowing

The Riggers Indoor Rowing program introduces children to the sport of rowing using quality indoor rowing machines. Each session involves games and group activities which engage all students and aim to make the experience educational and fun.

The program is available to primary school students in Years 5 and 6, and secondary students in Years 7 and 8.

Riggers Experience Rowing

The Riggers Experience Rowing program is an 'on water' rowing program and is only available to secondary school students in Years 7 and 8.

This innovative learn to row program engages participants at a local rowing club. Students don’t need to have any prior rowing experience, and all equipment and coaching staff will be provided for each session.

Please note that students do not wear life jackets whilst rowing on water, therefore all participants must be capable of swimming in rowing attire.

Indoor rowing program


Indoor rowing machines offer a terrific all over body workout, need very little maintenance, are robust, reasonably priced and an asset for any school.

Rowing Australia will assist any school that would like to purchase their own equipment using Sporting School’s grant money. There is also a Riggers online coaching accreditation course available for teachers. Please contact us if you are interested.


Rowing Australia now offers teacher-delivered Riggers indoor programs using indoor rowing machines that are shipped to their school for the duration of the program. Teachers can deliver Riggers indoor programs in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below:


To become a coach and deliver rowing in Sporting Schools please ensure you meet the following requirements:

Coaching Providers

Sporting Schools is an Australia-wide program in partnership with more than 35 national sporting organisations (NSO), of which Rowing Australia is one.

Rowing Australia coordinates all Sporting Schools programs and does not require external coaching providers.

For further information please contact Rowing Australia.

Rowing Australia

Contact: Ron Batt
Phone: 0410 583 474

Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707
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