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Tenpin Bowling

The sport of tenpin bowling provides physical and mental health benefits through exercise and social interaction. It is a skill based sport that promotes ongoing progression opportunities, with a focus on general fitness, movement and targeting skills, whilst developing motor skills such as coordination and balance.

The sport is inclusive, non-contact, non-gender specific and sun smart. It can be played by anyone of any age, from individuals, through to small and large groups.

Tenpin Bowling Sporting Schools

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Tenpin Bowling Sporting Schools is a four-to-eight-week introductory program designed for primary school children (7 to 12 years), to introduce the fundamental skills of tenpin bowling in a fun and inclusive environment.

Each program involves a visit to a local bowling centre, where practical, allowing students to experience the true sport on real lanes.

Part of the program can also be delivered indoors at your primary school utilising portable lanes, lightweight pins and rubber bowling balls.

Packages can be customised to suit the needs and budget of any school. There are also packages that can be tailored to suit participants with special needs and accessibility requirements, as well as remote and regional schools, where travel to a centre is not practical.

Tenpin Bowling programs provide:

  • physical and mental health benefits through exercise and social interaction
  • development of basic skills that promote ongoing progression opportunities
  • a focus on general fitness
  • development of motor skills including coordination, balance, movement and targeting skills
  • inclusive environment that is non-contact, non-gender specific and sun smart
  • opportunities for students of any age, from individuals through to small and large groups.


Portable equipment (hired) is included in most packages which are delivered in-school. However if schools wish to purchase their own to keep and use after the program, equipment is available as follows:

  • One Set: $700 for one lane, 10 pins and one ball (shipping extra) – suitable for 4 – 6 students.
  • Five Sets: $3,000 for five lanes, 50 pins and five balls (shipping extra) – class size 24 – 30 students.



Teachers can deliver tenpin bowling in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below:

  • Hold a valid state and/or territory teacher registration
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Complete online Level 1 TBA coach course for tenpin bowling - which takes about 3 hours to complete.

Note: Registration form and online link will be provided by TBA as part of booking process.


To become a coach and deliver tenpin bowling in Sporting Schools please ensure you are working towards the following requirements:

Coaching Providers

Sporting Schools is an Australia-wide program in partnership with more than 35 national sporting organisations (NSO), of which Tenpin Bowling Australia is one.

Tenpin Bowling Australia coordinates all Sporting Schools programs and does not require external coaching providers. For further information please contact Tenpin Bowling Australia.

Tenpin Bowling Australia Resources


Interested? If you are located near a centre offering this program, we can make your Sporting Schools Program a Bowl Patrol Experience: with shortened lanes, modified scoring, levels and more.

Enquire if this can be done when making your booking with TBA or view the promotional video.

Lane Rangers

Lane Rangers are trained facilitators who deliver the Bowl Patrol programs. Visit the Bowl Patrol website to register to become a Lane Ranger, complete online training, and access the Lane Ranger resources.

Tenpin Bowling Australia

Contact: Sean O'Kane
Phone: 0406 007 832

Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707
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