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Touch Football

Touch Football Australia has core values that include leadership, integrity, professionalism, diversity and excellence. These values underpin our mission to provide direction for the sport of touch football and develop our dynamic game to the position of Australia’s leading community sport.

Touch football is a sport which everyone can play, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability. The sport creates a social environment which few sports can rival and families can even play together in weekly competitions. The inclusive nature of Touch Football ensures there is a ‘place on the field for everyone’.

“Most, if not all, the students were very enthusiastic about Touch by the end of the program. They have been asking us [teachers] if we can continue doing Touch Football, and if we can enter a team into the gala day.”

Jeremy Hopwood - Covenant Christian School, ACT

Sporting Schools Touch Football programs

There are three types of Sporting Schools Touch Football programs available for primary and secondary school students in Years 7 and 8. Descriptions of the packages are available below, or for more information please view:

Coaching Package

The Coaching Packages includes 4-8 sessions (45-60 minute sessions) of Touch Football coaching. Schools are recommended to purchase an equipment package, or specific items, to give your school everything that it needs to deliver a Touch Football program. Schools need to provide a minimum of 10 touch footballs and 12 cones to effectively run the program.

Teacher Delivered Package

The Teacher Delivered Package includes TFA resource package which provides all the information required for a teacher to deliver the program.

  • Touch Football Delivery Resource:
    • Primary Schools: Playing for Life Coaching Resource (7 session Touch Football coaching program from introduction through to game implementation).
    • Secondary Schools: your state office will discuss the most appropriate level of resource for your needs.
  • Touch Football Australia Polo Shirt

For further information view the Touch Football Sporting Schools FAQ's.

With the support of Deaf Sports Australia, we can also facilitate an Active Deaf Kids program through Sporting Schools. To book, simply outline in the comments that you would like an Active Deaf Kids program.


The Touch Football Equipment Pack includes:

  • 10 touch footballs
  • 1 mesh football bag
  • 1 hand held pump
  • 24 field cones
  • 15 bibs
  • 1 whistle

Should schools wish to purchase extra equipment, Touch Football Australia operates an online shop from which a range of equipment and merchandise can be purchased. To browse equipment visit the Touch Football Australia Online Shop.


To deliver touch football as a teacher, you need to meet the requirements below:

  • Hold a valid state and/or territory teacher registration
  • Be employed at the school
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance


To deliver touch football as a coach, you need to meet the below requirements:

  • Registered in OfficialsHQ as a coach and connected to a provider, SSO or NSO
  • Be aged 16 years or over
  • Hold a current Working with Children Check (paid check) or relevant exemption
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Agree to Coach terms and conditions

To deliver on behalf of Touch Football Australia, coaches need to:

  • Be connected to an endorsed provider, SSO or NSO in OfficialsHQ
  • Equivalent coaching accreditations

Coaching Providers

To deliver touch football as a provider organisation, you need to meet the below requirements -

To be an endorsed provider for touch football and deliver on behalf of Tough Football Australia, providers must also meet the requirements below:

  • Agree to Memorandum of Understanding with Touch Football Australia

NOTE: All coaches that deliver under any provider must be registered and meet coach registration minimum requirements.

Touch Football Australia Resources

Touch Football Australia (TFA) and its partner states have developed a suite of resources to cater for the varying skill level of students. The resources are not aligned to an age group, but rather to the student’s level of development.

In order to most effectively utilise the resources register for DartfishTV.


Touch Football Australia
Contact: Rhianna Burke – National Sporting Schools Coordinator
Phone: 02 6212 2800

Contact: Justin Oag

Contact: Melanie Janiga

Contact: Kiren Crow

Contact: Mia Caputo

Contact: Andrea Van Metzinger

Contact: Des Fogarty  - Sport Operations Coordinator

Contact: Keeley Hocking

Contact: Tallas Williams

Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707
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