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TRYstars in Schools allows children to develop fundamental movement skills and triathlon specific skills and tactics through fun games and activities.

Each session is designed with a particular physical activity outcome and skill development focus in mind. The games are selected purposefully to achieve these objectives.

The program focusses on the three disciplines of a triathlon (swim, bike and run) and can be adapted depending on the capacity of the school  environment (eg. for schools without access to swim facilities, a bike and run program can be implemented culminating in a mini duathlon).

Coaches play a facilitator role by setting challenges for students and allowing them to find solutions through games and play. This helps students stay engaged at a level that suits their own ability, and allows them to develop their confidence, competence and skill level.


There are two TRYstars in Schools programs available for teacher or coach delivery in Sporting Schools:

The Explore Program

Aimed at students aged 7-9 years, the Explore Program provides students with early exposure to a variety of movement experiences. The focus is on the early learning, execution and acquisition of basic movement foundations relating to motor skills through informal play, practice and games via both Triathlon and non-Triathlon activities and environments.

The Learn Program

Aimed at students aged 10-12 the Learn Program encourages students to advance and refine Explore phase movement skills through broad exposure to formal and informal play, practice and games. The program includes both Triathlon and non-Triathlon activities and environments.

For students to participate in TRYstars in Schools, they must be:

  • In grade 3, 4, 5 or 6 (7 for South Australia)
  • Able to ride a bike unaided
  • Able to swim 25 metres in the pool unaided

Program Structure

Week 1 - Swim, Ride, Run Games

Week 2 - Swim, Ride, Run Games

Week 3 - Swim, Ride, Run Games

Week 4 - Mini-Triathlon

The program is designed to be flexible and fit within various school environments. For example, if logistically appropriate all the swim sessions can be done together, similar for the ride and run, or they can be completed together.

Similarly, where it is difficult to access pools or waterways for swim games, schools may choose to conduct ride and run games only. The end goal of these programs can be a mini duathlon consisting of run, ride, and run legs.

The school will be able to discuss with the coach/es what format will suit the particular school environment.


Package TypeUp to 12 participantsUp to 24 participantsUp to 36 participants
Teacher Delivered$300$300$300
Coach Delivered$550$830$1,110

**Please contact your local State Triathlon Contact for further information.


Teachers can deliver Triathlon in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below.

  • Hold a valid state and/or territory teacher registration
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Hold a current First Aid & CPR certification
  • Hold an active AusTriathlon Foundation Coach or higher credential

To become a coach and deliver Triathlon in Sporting Schools please ensure you are working towards the following requirements:

  • Be aged 18 years or over
  • Hold a current Working With Children Check
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Have current First Aid & CPR Certification
  • Hold an active AusTriathlon Foundation Coach or higher credential
Coaching Providers

Sporting Schools is an Australia-wide program in partnership with more than 35 national sporting organisations (NSO), of which AusTriathlon is one.

AusTriathlon coordinates all Sporting Schools programs and does not require external coaching providers. For further information please contact AusTriathlon.


Please contact AusTriathlon if you require help with resources.


Contact: Alex Anasson - GM of Sport Services

Contact: Steve Bingley

Contact: Adam Wicks

Contact: Lucy Berk

Contact: Lucas Taylor

Contact: Laura Bond

Contact: Shellie Casalegno

Contact: Nadelle Legge

Contact: Lauren Huddy

Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707
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