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Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Australia’s Ulti-Mates program introduces primary school children to the fun, inclusive and growing sport of ultimate frisbee.

Through a unique self-refereed and game based approach to team sport, Ulti-Mates develops and improves communication, fair play and social-emotional learning.

The Ulti-Mates program lessons are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and Physical Literacy Framework.

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Ultimate Australia’s Ulti-Mates program develops the skills and confidence for children to get involved in Ultimate Frisbee.

Ulti-Mates consists of many fun activities, games and lessons that cater to two key age groups:

  • Foundation to Year 2
  • Year 3 to Year 6

Through modified games, Ulti-Mates introduces students to movement skills including throwing and catching a frisbee. Students will also develop a strong foundation in teamwork and fair play skills through an introduction to Ultimate Frisbee’s unique ‘Spirit of the Game’ concept.


The only unique equipment required to deliver the program is modified rubber discs safe for use by primary school students.

School pack of 15 Junior Discs

The school pack includes a kit bag and 15 Junior discs and can be purchased for $350 (inc. GST and postage in Australia).

Large School pack of 30 Junior Discs

The large school pack includes a kit bag and 30 Junior discs and can be purchased for $600 (inc. GST and postage in Australia).

These packs can be ordered as add-ons through the booking system.


Teachers can deliver Ultimate Frisbee in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below:


To become a coach and deliver Ultimate Frisbee in Sporting Schools please ensure you are working towards the following requirements:

Coaching providers

Sporting organisations that wish to become a coaching provider for Ultimate Frisbee and deliver in Sporting Schools must meet the requirements below:

  • Hold a valid ABN or declare ABN exempt
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Agree to Ultimate Australia’s Ulti-Mates Provider Agreement

NOTE: All coaches that operate under the coaching provider must meet individual Ultimate Frisbee coach registration requirements.

For further information please contact Ultimate Australia.


The Ulti-Mates coach manual is available to teachers and coaches delivering the program.Ulti-mates cover image

The manual includes activities, games, lessons, skill descriptions, delivery tips and suggested modifications to support the successful delivery of the Ulti-Mates program.

All resources are provided electronically to the appointed coach or allocated teacher upon confirmation of their Sporting Schools program.

Ultimate Australia also offers a free online Level 1 - Community Coach  course online, which can be accessed by teachers and community coaches.



For further information, please contact your local Ultimate Development Officer:







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