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Volleyball is a highly inclusive, dynamic, non-contact sport that requires minimal equipment. It can be played on grass, an oval, the beach or indoors - almost anywhere! Court size and net height can also be adjusted to accommodate varying levels of ability, making it a great choice for all skill levels.

Kids Volley and School Volley delivered by Spikezone are designed to introduce students to the game of Volleyball. Primary and secondary school programs can be modified to suit various group sizes, skill levels and ages to ensure players have a fun experience while learning the new skills.

Secondary School Girls Playing Volleyball

Primary School Program

Kids Volleyball Logo

Kids Volley, delivered by Spikezone is designed for primary school students and aims to provide an opportunity for all participants to experience and enjoy the game of volleyball, while learning the fundamental skills of the sport.

Like volleyball, Spikezone is about getting the ball over the net in three hits or fewer and winning the rally because the ball hits the ground in the opposition’s court, the opposition fails to return the ball over the net in three hits or the opposition hits the ball out of court.

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Game modifications for primary school programs include:

  • a smaller sized court
  • a lower net height
  • a softer and lighter ball

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Secondary School Program

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School Volley, delivered by Spikezone, available for secondary school students ages 12 - 14, is an ideal fit as it is a dynamic sport that can be played on any surface, anywhere and anytime.

The aim of the program is to provide an opportunity for all participants to experience and enjoy the game of volleyball, while offering a targeted approach for women and girls.

We aim to connect female participants with local female volleyball coaches as an engaging and innovative approach to address physical inactivity among young women and girls.

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This approach will be delivered through five focus points:

  • Participation opportunities, not competitive opportunities - with a female focus to have a positive and enjoyable experience (students, teacher and coaches)
  • Game Sense approach to session delivery to keep participants engaged
  • Physically active – lifestyle fitness (play at your own pace)
  • Fun and engaging
  • Q & As

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Purchase a Portable Mini Volleyball Net from the Volleyball Australia online shop. The net is portable and user-friendly, easy to set up, sleek design, and suitable for all ages. It is also suitable for modified volleyball so you can play your way!

Net Details:

  • 6m long
  • 1.6 m high (standing)
  • 0.8m (sitting net)
  • Carry bag provided
  • Approximate weight of 7kgs

Further requests for equipment can be ordered through

Additional Equipment Available: Light Volley Balls, Rubber Floor Markers, Inflatable Beach Balls, Teacher Resource and more.


Portable net set

Secondary School Girls Playing Volleyball


Teachers can deliver volleyball in Sporting Schools by meeting the requirements below:


To become a coach and deliver volleyball in Sporting Schools please ensure you are working towards the following requirements:

Coaching Providers

Sporting organisations who wish to become a coaching provider for Volleyball Australia and deliver in Sporting Schools must meet the requirements below:

  • Hold a valid ABN or declare ABN exempt
  • Confirm adequacy of insurance
  • Sign a Sporting Schools Spikezone agreement with Volleyball Australia and your State Office
  • Adopt and adhere to the philosophy and delivery of the Spikezone product

NOTE: All coaches that operate under the coaching provider must meet individual volleyball coach registration requirements.

Volleyball Australia recommends a fun, adaptable and relatable delivery mode and has resources available for Spikezone programs that outline current best practice.

The Teacher Resource Pack includes the following items:

  • Laminated Session Plans for a 6-week Spikezone Program​
  • Whiteboard marker for use with the Session Plans​
  • USB with additional resources​
  • Inflatable beach balls for fun indoor (balloon) volleyball activities

All resources are posted out to the appointed coach or allocated teacher upon confirmation of their Sporting Schools program.

Resources can be purchased via the Volleyball Australia Shop, or through your relevant State Volleyball Association.

Printable Spikezone Certificates are available on the Sporting Schools website.Volleyball book


For general enquiries, please contact Volleyball Australia, for information regarding programs and bookings, please contact your State or Territory Association. Please provide your school name, location and details of your enquiry.

Volleyball Australia
Phone: (02) 6108 4556
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Email: Nic Kaiser
Phone: 02 6100 6418
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Phone: (02) 8736 1264
View website

Phone: 0484 061 610
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Phone: (07) 3367 1991
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Phone: (08) 8363 1265
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Phone: 0418 104 457
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VIC Email:
Phone: 03 9794 0009 (Ext. 708)
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Phone: (08) 9228 8522
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Have any questions about Sporting Schools?

Phone: 1300 785 707
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