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A program designed to enable leaders to broaden their perspectives and enhance how they develop others to succeed in a complex and continuously changing environment. This program is targeted at leaders across all levels of the sport system.

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Coaching | Australian Sports Commission

10 May 2023: Shaping the future of community coaching. ... High performance coaching.

Coaches and Officials | Australian Sports Commission

3 Oct 2018: Sport Australia is determined to have more Australians participating and excelling in sport, from grass-roots right up to the pinnacle of elite competition.

Community Coaching Essential Skills | Australian Sports Commission

17 May 2023: recognise how different coaching approaches can be used to develop fitness, technical and tactical skills. ... recognise the value and importance of volunteers. understand how to engage with key stakeholders and involve them in your coaching plans.

Community Coaching | Australian Sports Commission

6 Apr 2022: Let’s find you 30 minutes of physical activity today.

Women in High Performance Coaching | Australian Institute of Sport

14 Sep 2023: The underrepresentation of women in High Performance coaching roles in Australia is a critical issue, with less than 10% of the top 36 funded High Performance sports led by women head ... World leading knowledge practice. Diverse coaching teams that

Physical literacy | Australian Sports Commission

23 Aug 2018: Developing knowledge and behaviours that give people the motivation and confidence to enjoy active lifestyles

Programs | Australian Institute of Sport

20 Apr 2022: Target Audience: Australian HP coaches coaching emerging, pathways and podium potential athletes within the NIN. ... Learning outcomes focus on knowledge, understanding and application of:. Self, values and coaching philosophy;.

Australian Sports Commission | Australian Sports Commission

7 Sep 2022: Sport has a place for everyone and delivers results that make Australia proud. Australian Institute of Sport. Leading and enabling a united and collaborative high performance sport system. Everyone has a place in sport. We win well to inspire

Community Coaching | Australian Sports Commission

11 May 2023: Community Coaching. The Australian Sports Commission has created a modern approach to community coaching. ... Learn more Benefits for coaches. Personal and professional development to assist coaching and other aspects of life.

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