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Australian Sporting Alliance for People with Disability (ASAPD)

17 February 2021

Leaders from the nine National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability have come together to form an Alliance to better serve the disability sport sector, with a vision that all Australians have an opportunity to engage in sport and physical activity in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

In September 2017, the ASC brought together leaders from across the disability sport sector to co-design a shared vision for the future of disability sport in Australia. From this workshop, the NSOD Project was created, and an Oversight Committee was established to guide the delivery of 16 key recommendations for the sector.

Having been identified as a priority in the Corporate Plan, Sport Australia has continued to support this project, and fast forward to today, this group has evolved into the Australian Sporting Alliance for People with a Disability (ASAPD) – a united collective which has developed the following vision and mission:

Vision: All Australians have an opportunity to engage in sport and physical activity in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Purpose: We collaborate, advocate, and facilitate inclusive sport and physical activity for people with a disability.

In October 2020, the ASAPD Oversight Committee endorsed their first Strategic Plan (2020-24). Facilitated by a Sport Australia funded Project Analyst and developed in conjunction with the NSODs, the plan is to be delivered via 4 x work streams / working groups:

  • Government and Advocacy (currently active)
  • Collaboration and Shared Services
  • Participation and Pathways
  • Research and Innovation

Other key activities:

  • In September - the ASAPD introduced itself to key ministers and departments, outlining their vision, purpose, and role as the peak body in the sector, explaining that this ground-breaking initiative will enhance the ability to communicate with one-voice on many issues and government’s capacity to engage with the broader disability sporting sector effectively and efficiently
  • In October - the ‘Australian Sporting Alliance for People with a Disability’ name was registered
  • In October - the ASAPD made a submission to the National Disability Strategy, requesting that ‘Sport’ be referenced in the upcoming 10-year Strategy.  Sport Australia provided written support for this submission, agreeing with the Australian Sporting Alliance for People with a Disability that the role of sport in building community, social inclusion and connectiveness has never been so important, especially in the groups of Australians the Alliance strives to represent
  • In November - the ASAPD formed a working group to develop a brand for ASAPD
  • In December – the ASAPD Oversight Committee elected an NSOD representative as Chair (Robyn Smith – CEO Sport Inclusion Australia) to replace Kate Corkery (Sport Australia), along with a Deputy Chair (Phil Harper – GM Deaf Sports Australia)
  • In December - the Minister for Sport Senator Richard Colbeck met with the ASAPD Oversight Committee to learn more about the Alliance and understand the key objectives and deliverables of the Strategy
  • In December – the ASAPD approved a brand and logo to be used for communications from early 2021
  • In December – NSOD boards committed to contributing funding for a Project Officer to deliver the Strategic Plan from early 2021
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