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Coalition Spotlight: Scott Tutton

As the Head of Clubs & Volunteers at Cricket Australia, Scott Tutton is accustomed to the pressure and excitement that come with sport, but stepping back into clubland as a coordinator for his daughter’s first season of cricket has even him a tad nervous.

Scott Tutton headshot

Raised in the ‘pre-device’ era, Scott was an eager participant in sport. After hanging up his cricket pads, Scott jumped at the opportunity to sit on his local club committee and try his hand at coaching. These behind-the-scenes roles have given him a much deeper appreciation for community sport and have him excited to jump back in with his daughter’s club.

“The opportunity to sit on club committees and coach community teams has given me a real appreciation for the role community sport plays in connecting people and keeping them active,” Scott said.

“This season will be my first as the Cricket Blast Coordinator at my local club, where my eldest daughter is having her first season of cricket. It's got me as excited as when I was getting ready to play my own first season.”

Motivated by an opportunity to share his own volunteering experiences, Scott took the  opportunity to join the Sport Volunteer Coalition. Scott is proudest of the coalition’s ability to drive connection between volunteers and break down the barriers that can sometimes exist between on-field and off-field aspects of sport.

“I viewed it as a great opportunity to share some of the experiences I've gained from working at state and national level across multiple large participation sports,” Scott said.

“It has been a great chance to collaborate with colleagues across the sport volunteering sector to drive change for the future!“

As Scott heads into his second year in the Sport Volunteer Coalition, his goal is to continue advocating for volunteers and the meaningful contribution they have, not only in sport, but also in the community.

“I hope volunteering in community sport can be viewed in similar ways to charitable causes,” Scott said.

“ Those opportunities should be sought out and highly valued because of their impact on the community, and also for the impact on the volunteer themselves.”

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