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Build inclusive culture

The sport culture within a school—positive or negative—is built on:

  • perceptions about sport and sport’s value (positive or negative)
  • previous experience of individuals with sport (positive or negative)
  • opportunities to collaborate with schools and sport organisations
  • capabilities and resources that exist
  • personal values
  • student interests.

Undertaking these six steps will help counteract any negative culture and foster a positive and inclusive sport culture for young people.

  1. the existing values and beliefs about sport in the school;
  2. leadership support form the Principal and parent leaders;
  3. the benefits of sport, as it relates to the broader school and community values (i.e. academic);
  4. and deliver opportunities to maximise student interests and mitigate barriers;
  5. with surrounding schools and sport clubs to provide sporting opportunities that build community relationships;
  6. opportunities and stories of success with the school and community.
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