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Game Plan

Supporting clubs and sports to build capability

Game Plan for Local Government Authorities

Game Plan is available to provide direct insights to each Local Government, specific to sporting clubs within their community. With reporting and insights segmented at every layer of sport (club, association/league, state and national), and each layer of government (Federal, State and Local), Game Plan connects all stakeholders in a single platform with a focus on capability building.

Game Plan enables every Local Government Authority (LGA) across Australia to review and analyse club reported data, module assessments and action plans of the clubs in their area. Gameplan provides insights to LGA’s to help foster and develop a community of support for clubs through connection of key stakeholders from sporting organisations and government agencies.

Club specific support and education programs can be developed based on trends within each community and the specific needs of local clubs. This supports LGA planning at local level with links to state and national strategies by ensuring services and programs can be adjusted to meet stakeholder needs and support those clubs delivering the sport.

Support resources for clubs are available through Game Plan and can include specific local resources filtered to each LGA. This is an effective way of implementing new policies, information and support resources that are specific to clubs in your community and tracking the impact of these policies through module maturity, club workforce development (including committee, volunteers and coaches) as well as participation and membership growth.

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