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Grants and Funding

Compensation Grant Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email to find out if you are eligible for compensation.

Yes, applicants only needed to be categorised at the time of the DSP suspension.

Australian Federal Government specified how the funding is to be utilised and that eligible para-athletes must be categorised in the period in which they are claiming compensation.

Providing consent upon application, you allow AIS to contact Centrelink on your behalf to obtain the missing DSP suspension slip.

On application, provide approximate dates of travel. AIS will cross check dates with your respective NSO and Centrelink.

Yes, extensions may be granted upon written request outlining sport commitment, or personal reason to prior to applications closing.

Any late applications without prior request, additional information or requests to make changes to an application after the application closing date will not be accepted.


No, compensation grant is only available to athletes that have had suspension of DSP payment.

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