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Grants and Funding

Women Leaders in Sport

Providing women with development opportunities to reach their leadership potential in the sport industry

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Under no circumstances will extensions be given.

If you need to edit your submitted application (before the closing date only), please email and request your form to be reopened. Please allow sufficient time for the team to respond to this request. Requests made on the day of closing may not be actioned.

Note: Applications cannot be changed after the closing date.

Please email

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by December 2023 via Smartygrants.

For probity reasons and to treat all applicants fairly and equally, it is not possible to give out information about the status of applications during the assessment process.

If you are successful, a letter of offer including the grant terms and conditions will be sent via Smartygrants. Grant payments will be processed within 10 days after the letter of offer and terms and conditions have been signed and returned to the ASC.  Commencing December 2023.

Eligible applications will progress to the preliminary assessment phase where they will be assessed by an internal panel made up of ASC staff, based on responses provided in the application.

Shortlisted applications will proceed to the selection panel which will comprise representatives from NSO/NSODs, the Office for Women and the ASC.

The external panel will make their recommendations to the ASC Executive General Manager, Diversity, People and Culture who will be responsible for the final decision.

Yes. Each grant application is assessed on how well it addresses the assessment criteria in comparing with other applications.

Requests for feedback should be directed

No. The decisions are final and there is no appeal process.

Please email your enquiries to

Individual grants

For the purposes of its programs including the Women Leaders in Sport program, the ASC follows the Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender (published by the Attorney-General’s Department in July 2013 and updated November 2015).

These guidelines indicate "the Australian Government recognises that individuals may identify and be recognised within the community as a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth or during infancy, or as a gender which is not exclusively male or female. This should be recognised and reflected in their personal records held by Australian Government departments and agencies."

Yes, employees of the National Institute Network are eligible to apply have a letter of support from  their manager/supervisor to continue to support their career development.

Yes, employees of CombatAUS are eligible to apply.

No, applications from STASR employees will not be accepted.

No - applicants who have received an individual WLIS grant in the past 2 years are not eligible (Please note: this does not include attendance at a WLIS workshop)

No - only one application per applicant will be accepted for an individual grant and only one course can be applied for.

If more than one application is submitted, the last submitted application will be assessed.

No. The grant funding must be paid into your personal account.

The ASC encourages recipients to seek professional tax advice in relation to any impact that the WLIS grant may have on your personal tax situation.  The ASC is unable to provide specific advice given each individuals’ tax situation is different.

You will need to discuss and seek support from the relevant recognised National Sporting Organisation.

Yes, you are eligible. The club will need to be associated with a state sporting organisation that is affiliated with a national sporting organisation recognised by the ASC (listed here).

You will need to obtain a letter of support from your Club President (if you are the club president, please obtain a letter of support from a committee member).

To be eligible for a WLIS grant you must hold a paid or volunteer role within your club.

No, Education/subject units that is part of a program leading to a degree where the applicant has the option to defer fees to HECS-HELP loans. Short/ standalone courses at universities or other institutions are eligible

No. However if you work or volunteer at a sporting organisation or club you are able to apply. The club will need to be affiliated with a National Sporting Organisation that is recognised by the ASC

You will need to obtain a letter of support from your Club President.

If your course is cancelled or postponed, you can request an extension or identify a replacement course and submit a request for change by emailing Approval of your request is not guaranteed. The ASC will consider the request based on the length of extension and the suitability of the replacement course.

If a suitable arrangement cannot be made you will be required to repay the full amount of the grant back to the ASC.

Successful completion of your course is a condition of the grant funding. If you fail your course you will be required to repay the grant funding to the ASC.

  • Club level- The Club President or Vice President
    • If you are the president, please obtain your letter of support from a committee member
  • NSO/SSO – manager/direct report
  • Media - letter from a manager within your organisation or a letter of endorsement from a professional reference

Important: You can not endorse your own letter of support.

Organisation grants

No - to be eligible for an organisation grant your organisation must be a National Sporting Organisation, or be a state/territory sporting organisation of, that is recognised by the ASC (listed here)

No - to be eligible for an organisation grant your organisation must be a National Sporting Organisation, or be a state/territory sporting organisation of, that is recognised by the ASC (listed here)

The support letter must be provided by the Chair or CEO or Equivalent.

It is highly recommended you contact the WLIS team to discuss your project before you apply, to set up a meeting please email

The ASC encourages all grant recipients to promote their stories and achievements via social media.

Please reference the ‘Women Leaders in Sport Program’, tag the ASC by searching 'Australian Sports Commission' on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and don't forget to include the hashtag #WLIS.

We advise using the Australian Sports Commission and AIS logos on any promotional materials produced. Logos and guidelines for use of Australian Government acknowledgment and crest can be accessed via our clearinghouse for sport: ASC Communications | Clearinghouse for Sport. If you have any questions regarding branding or use of logos please contact

When acknowledging the Australia Sports Commission Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS) grants please include the following

‘The Australian Sports Commission manages the Women Leaders in Sport program through the support of the Office for Women.’

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