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Grants and Funding

Women Leaders in Sport

Empowering women in sport & helping to create a culture which values gender equity

Organisation grants

The ASC is dedicated to support organisations who are looking to increase the representation of women in sport to better reflect Australian society and create a fairer and more inclusive environment.

Change does not happen without leadership and commitment. For a sporting organisation to become more inclusive and diverse, it is vital that they have leaders who are committed to making a positive culture change. .

The ASC is proud to support eligible organisations by providing funding to undertake projects that address systemic and cultural barriers for women leaders in sport.

The Organisation Grant program aims to:

  • Support organisations in the development of policies, practices, systems and processes that lead to a sector that is more diverse and inclusive, particularly in the promotion and advancement of women leaders.
  • Provide education and training opportunities for eligible organisations to support in advancing their diversity, equity and inclusion goals and commitments.
  • Address systemic and cultural barriers faced within the sport sector.

Important dates:

Applications are now closed

  • Applications open:
    9:00am (AEST) Monday 21 August 2023
  • Applications close:
    5:00pm* (AEST) Sunday 17 September 2023
  • Outcomes notified to all applicants:
    Early December 2023
  • Successful grants payments processed:
    December 2023

Apply here

*Applications must be submitted before 5:00pm AEST. Late or incomplete applications will not be

Please note the time differences for each state below.
* NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS: 5:00pm
* QLD: 4:00pm
* SA & NT: 4:30pm
* WA: 2:00pm


In 2024, up to $170,000 (GST exclusive) will be available for Organisation Grants.

The maximum funding amount available per organisation is $15,000 (GST exclusive).

Grant amounts awarded will be determined as part of the assessment process and may not be the same amount applied for. Amounts will be allocated to make the most effective use of the WLIS program funds.

Women Leaders in Sport Guidelines

Types of programs/courses

Organisations are required to detail how the funding will be allocated to support one of the following:

  • Projects fostering the development of new policies, practices, and processes, that embed gender equity within the organisation I.e., undertaking a gender equity/ pay gap audit and developing an action plan.
  • Projects aimed at enhancing the recruitment process for women both on and off the field I.e., reviewing talent recruitment processes and ensuring the use of inclusive language.
  • Projects focused on educating senior leaders (Board, CEO, Executive team) on promoting, prioritising, and allocating resources for gender equality within the organisation I.e., gender equity workshops.
  • Projects focused on creating a psychosocially safe workplace. I.e training programs that address discrimination and harassment, and implement a safe and confidential reporting process.
  • Projects dedicated to developing leadership pathways for women I.e., formalised mentorships, partnerships or observerships.
  • Projects that prioritise career development opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the rich diversity of our community. These groups may include but are not limited to:
    • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
    • Culturally, racially, and linguistically diverse
    • LGBTIQ+
    • People living with disability
    • People who live in rural and regional locations
    • Low socio-economic community.

Organisations that can effectively illustrate the alignment of their project with their strategic direction and demonstrate their commitment to supporting, encouraging, and promoting women in the workplace beyond the project completion will be given priority. Organisations should research and seek out acceptable providers, facilitators, and subject matter experts to assist in the delivery of the project (where required). A list of example providers is available for reference.

Please note: only one application per organisation will be accepted.

Prior to applying, organisations are required to contact the WLIS team at, to arrange a time to discuss the project.

Program/Project design considerations

We strongly encourage organisations to ensure women’s needs and gender equity is built into the organisations thinking, when applying for this grant program. Some suggested design considerations and questions when determining your program or project of work:

  • Does it recognise the individual and unique attributes, abilities and needs of women at different stages of life?
  • Which women might it inadvertently exclude?
  • How are you accounting for the diverse and intersectional needs of women?

Inclusive Training

Successful organisations will be required to complete an inclusive training workshop, which the ASC will advise and fund during 2024 as a requisite of the grant funding. These fast paced, high impact workshops have been designed to provide sporting bodies with an engaging, interactive experience, designed to accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion experience.

Additional information

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply, organisations must satisfy all the following criteria:

  • Be a national sporting organisation, a national sporting organisation for people with disability, be a state/territory sporting organisation of a national body that is recognised by the ASC (Australian Sports Directory) the Australian Olympic Committee or Commonwealth Games Association
  • Have the commitment of, and a letter of support from, the Chair or CEO
  • The project must commence and conclude in 2024
  • Organisations are required to make a co-contribution to the project, which can be in the form of financial resources, staff contribution, or other relevant resources. Additionally, the organisation is responsible for covering all project administration costs
  • Organisation has no overdue WLIS acquittal or reporting requirements with the ASC
  • Has not received a WLIS Organisation Grant through the WLIS program within the last 12 months (Please note: this does not include WLIS Executive Program)
  • Organisation is not named by the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse on its list of “Institutions that have not joined or signified their intent to join the Scheme”.

Letter of support

A letter of support must accompany the Organisation Grant application (uploaded at time of application)

The following information needs to be addressed in the letter:

Please limit the supporting letter to one page

  1. Outline the support and commitment to the project on behalf of the organisation
    1. It is expected the Chair, CEO or member of the executive team have responsibility for championing this project
    2. Commitment by the organisation to complete an inclusive practices workshop, which the ASC will advise and fund during 2024
  2. Identify how this project contributes to achieving the priorities of the organisation, include any relevant statistics and data
  3. The letter must be signed by the CEO/ Chair/ or equivalent

Please note: If you are the CEO applying on behalf of the organisation, please seek endorsement from Chair or board member.

Eligible expenditure items

The funding must go towards the approved project expenditure items outlined in the budget table within the application.

  • External consultants (including presenters/translators/interpreters) fees
  • Course or training fees
  • Long distance travel (>200km) for presenters and participants

Ineligible expenditure items

  • Projects where travel costs use more than 30% of the grant funding
  • Projects that supplement the recurrent or ongoing costs of an organisation ie. Staff wages
  • Projects which do not engage external subject matter experts and facilitators
  • Venue hire
  • Catering
  • Accommodation
  • Purchasing of equipment, materials or resources
  • Organisation membership fees
  • Competition fees


Successful grant recipients will be required to do the following:

  • Enter into a grant agreement with the ASC and abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement (Appendix 2)
  • Ensure frequent communication with the WLIS team to facilitate discussions about the project, share progress updates, discuss its intended execution, and ensure its continued viability within the organisation
  • Complete an acquittal report and provide proof of payment using the template provided by the ASC including receipts within 30 days of completing the project
  • Complete the inclusive training workshop, which the ASC will advise and fund during 2024 Promote the project across the organisation’s external channels (e.g., website, social media, press release etc.)

Terms and conditions

  1. If the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) decides to issue a grant (Grant) to the applicant under the Women Leaders in Sport Program (Program), the Grant will be made subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. These terms and conditions, together with the notification from the ASC providing details of the Grant award (Successful Notification), will constitute an enforceable agreement between the ASC and the successful applicant (Recipient) upon the Recipient accepting the Grant offer, as required by the Successful Notification.
  3. The ASC will make a single payment of the Grant amount to the Recipient subject to sufficient funding being available to the Program and the Recipient complying with this Agreement.
  4. The Recipient must:
    1. Complete the project activity as detailed in their Successful Notification (Activity);
    2. Promptly notify the ASC of anything reasonably likely to affect the completion of the Activity;
    3. Comply with all applicable Commonwealth, state and territory laws in conducting the Activity, including anti-discrimination legislation;
    4. Without limiting clause 4(c), comply with all state, territory and Commonwealth laws relating to the employment or engagement of people who work or volunteer with children or vulnerable people in relation to the Activity, including mandatory reporting and working with children and/or vulnerable people checks however described, and if requested, provide the ASC with evidence of compliance with this clause 4(d);
    5. Meet the eligibility criteria relating to the National Redress Scheme, set out under the Grant Program guidelines, at all times during the terms of this Agreement;
    6. Have an anti-doping policy in place and/or adopt the Australian National Anti-doping Policy;
    7. Not do anything to bring the Recipient, the Program or the ASC into disrepute;
    8. Only use the Grant for the purpose of undertaking the Activity;
    9. Keep records detailing the use and expenditure of the Grant, and make them available to the ASC or its authorised representatives, on request;
    10. Provide to the ASC within 30 days of completion of the Activity: (i) a statement and accompanying evidence in the form required by the ASC, verifying that the Activity has been successfully completed and the Grant has been spent in accordance with this Agreement; and (ii) a report on the Activity, in the form required by the ASC;
    11. If the Activity includes awarding accreditation or qualification to the participants of the Activity, provide to the ASC documentary evidence (including proof of completion) of the accreditation or qualification within 30 days of award; and
    12. Promptly repay to the ASC, any amount of the Grant which has not been used on approved expenditure of the Activity.
  5. Without limitation to any other rights of the ASC, if the ASC reasonably believes, at any time following the award of the Grant, that:
    1. The Recipient has provided false or misleading information in the application process;
    2. The Grant has been spent other than in accordance with this Agreement; or
    3. The Recipient will not complete the Activity or has otherwise breached any of their obligations under this Agreement,
  6. then the ASC may by written notice, terminate this agreement and/or require the Recipient to repay to the ASC, at the ASC’s absolute discretion, all or part of the Grant. The amount notified must be repaid within 30 days of any such notice.

  7. When dealing with Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988), in carrying out the Activity, the Recipient agrees not to do anything which, if done by the ASC, would be a breach of the Privacy Act 1988.
  8. The details of the organisation (including name, state, sport, the value of the Grant awarded, a brief description of the purpose for the Grant, and any photo or video footage produced in connection with the Program) may be released by the ASC to the public and the media for the use of promotional and educational purposes.
  9. The Recipient must, if requested by the ASC, cooperate with ASC activities for the purpose of education and/or review of the Programs’ impact and success for future recipients.
  10. The Recipient is responsible for obtaining all appropriate insurances with respect to undertaking the Activity and complying with these terms and conditions.
  11. The Recipient agrees to indemnify the ASC and its officers, employees and contractors against any claim, loss or damage arising in connection with undertaking the Activity, or a breach of this Agreement. This obligation to indemnify the ASC will reduce proportionally to the extent that any act or omission involving fault on the part of the ASC, contributed to the claim loss or damage.
  12. When acknowledging the ASC’s Women Leaders in Sport grants please use the form of words below:
  13. ‘’The ASC manages the Women Leaders in Sport program through the support of the Office for Women”

  14. This Agreement does not create a relationship of employment, partnership or agency between the Recipient and the ASC.
  15. This agreement is governed by the law of the Australian Capital Territory.
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