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Australian Sport
Learning Centre

National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) can join the Learning Centre as subtenants, and create a seamless experience for their learners by providing a fully branded one stop shop for learning, whether online or face to face activities.

Why deliver your content through the Australian Sport Learning Centre?

More than just a learning management system

We are building best practice and powering the sector forward into quality L&D approaches by:

  • establishing, building and sharing ideas through strong communities of practice
  • using quality collaboration approaches to grow L&D capabilities to align with business and strategic objectives across the sector
  • prioritising quality of experience as the key benchmark for all activities.
One central location for learning and development

One of our key value propositions is aggregating and consolidating Australian Sports Commission, Sport Integrity Australia [including Play by the Rules] and NSO content into one central location, creating:

  • one login for all sport elearning
  • centralised and complete learning records, including face to face and elearning activities
  • an enhanced user experience for individual learners and organisations.


General public administrators, coaches,
volunteers, officials
NSO participants, coaches,
administrators, officials

Sector-wide generic content developed by the ASC
Sport specific content developed by each NSO

Shared content

Content developed by Sport Integrity Australia [including Play by the Rules]
Sector-wide generic content developed by Sport Australia

Ready to start your Learning Centre journey?

Express interest and start your personalised journey

An NSO expresses interest in the Learning Centre. Sport Australia meets with the NSO to understand their prioritised operational, financial and strategic objectives and build a personalised NSO plan and timeline. Questions may include: who are your learners;  which content is high priority; what content will be online vs face to face, how will Sport Australia and Sport Integrity Australia common content be used; how will your NSO learning centre provide benefits for all of your member organisations and how will it fit within operational and accreditation or competency frameworks.

Decide how you want to connect

NSOs can set their learning centre up independently, or connect their learning centre to a membership, customer relationship management system, or competition management solution. An integrated approach may include single sign-on and data transfer through web services or API calls.

Build your unique learning centre

Sport Australia has done all the heavy lifting by creating a sector specific learning centre that meets common accreditation structures; handles national and member sporting organisational relationships; caters for blended learning activities; allows learners to make payments; and automates notifications and other administrative tasks, reducing administrative burden and manual handling.

Each NSO can customise their learning centre to reflect their frameworks and objectives. NSOs can also implement their organisational theme and brand across their learning centre, creating a similar look and feel across multiple digital platforms.

Deliver and measure learning outcomes

Sport Australia will drive leadership and collaboration across the sector and with each NSO to establish strong learning outcomes for each key program area. Many organisations will be transitioning static documents or face to face activities into online learning experiences, or blended learning outcomes, which we encourage as we work together to deliver world class, best practice online learning experiences for the sector.

Benefits for the sector

A high-end learning solution at a competitive price. The more learners across the subtenant collective of the Learning Centre, the bigger the savings to every subtenant.

NSOs will have considerable independence in the setup, configuration, branding, single sign-on, payment and integrations of their subtenancy.

Seamless sharing of exclusive Sport Australia content, including coaching and officiating and governance principles in the short term and operational volunteer and paid administration content in the future, at which time user will be able to access content from the Game Plan platform.

A more seamless content sharing and syndication approach across the sector.

Strong sector communities that drive best practice and collaboration; reference groups that continuously improve digital delivery of learning and development; and world-class content focused on positive participant experience.

Support from a dedicated Sport Australia Learning Centre team, providing personalised consultancy to subtenants to assist with planning, modelling, strategic alignment and optimisation of return on investment.

Case studies

Athletics Australia

Focused on the future of learning and development.

Swimming Australia

Learning centre key to attracting more coaches.

Express your interest

To express your interest and get started on your world class learning journey, contact the Learning Centre team at

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