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Media Awards

  • Entrants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The ASC Media Awards are open to all Australian media reporting on sport, sport affairs or issues in sport.
  • Content must be original and created by a permanent Australian resident.
  • All entries must have been published or broadcast in domestic media for the first time between 24 October 2022 and 31 October 2023. Entries submitted in previous Sport Australia/ASC Media Awards cannot be re-submitted. This qualifying period applies to all categories excluding the Lifetime achievement award for contribution to sports journalism.
  • Books are not considered media for the purpose of these awards.
  • Entrants in all categories are required to establish their bona fides as a journalist/photographer.
  • All entrants must certify that the entry is their original work and, apart from normal sub-editorial/production treatment, they have adhered to the Media Alliance Code of Ethics in its preparation and complied with all copyright requirements.
  • Entry may be by the author or nominated by a third party (for example, an editor or producer), providing the originator accepts the nomination in writing.
  • An entry may be submitted by more than one person (for example, a producer and presenter).
  • Where the entry is a collaborative effort, all major contributors (producers, researchers, journalists and editors) should be included on the entry form and any supporting documentation.
  • A team entry may comprise up to three individuals. If there are more than three major contributors, the entry will be attributed to the section of the newspaper or magazine, the organisation or program.
  • The Australian Sports Commission reserves the right to verify the entry using the editor/producer contact details provided on the entry form.
  • Journalists/organisations entering a different nomination for more than one category must complete a separate entry form for each category.
  • If it meets the eligibility criteria, the same item can be entered in more than one category provided a separate entry and entry form is submitted for each category.
  • All entries should be factually correct and must be the author’s own work.
  • Each entry should be uploaded separately.
  • The judges have the right to reject an entry which, in their opinion, does not comply with the requirements of the media awards, including but not limited to, category suitability and entry requirements.
  • The judges have the right to place a nomination in another category if, in their opinion, it fits better into that category.
  • The judges’ decision is final. No discussion or correspondence will be entered into.
  • The Australian Sports Commission reserves the right to use all material submitted and to reproduce it solely for the purpose of promoting the media awards.
  • The Australian Sports Commission reserves the right to withdraw an entry and/or award winner if it finds out at a later date that the entrant did not comply with the entry conditions.
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