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Sport Australia launches new podcast

04 September 2020

Sport Australia is launches a new podcast to help boost sporting experiences, no matter what your role.

Sport Australia has launched a new podcast channel to help boost sporting experiences, no matter what your role.

The Sport Australia Podcast is now available across popular digital services including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify, as well as on the Sport Australia website.

Podcast series

Coaching and Officiating (coming soon)

In this series, we chat with some of Australia’s leading sport coaches, athletes, and officials – including Paralympic legend and coach Louise Sauvage, Basketball coach Carrie Graf, former AFL Player and Rugby Union Coach Mick Byrne, Cricket legend and coach Greg Chappell and many other industry experts on the modernisation of coaching and officiating.

Sport Governance Principles

This 10-part series is aimed at helping Australia’s sporting leaders – many of them volunteers - face the current challenges of COVID-19 and to build a stronger sporting future through governance.

Focused on bringing the Sport Governance Principles to life, sporting leaders will share their experiences and practical advice for those helping to run our thousands of sporting clubs. The first few episodes feature interviews with Richmond AFL President Peggy O’Neal, Commonwealth Games Australia president Ben Houston and Olympic gold medallist Petria Thomas.

The podcast series builds on the success of the recent webinars for the Sport Governance Principles which attracted more than 630 attendees across the country.

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