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Physical literacy

Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is about building the skills, knowledge and behaviours that give us the confidence and motivation to live active lives.


A person’s understanding of how, why and when they move.

Content knowledge

Factual knowledge a person can understand and convey; often important in recognition, recall and planning.

Safety & risk

Understanding of risks, risk-management and safety considerations for self and others in movement contexts.


Explicit or understood regulations and principles governing conduct or procedure within movement and physical activities.


Consciously making sense of things by verifying facts and applying logic to construct, change or justify practices and beliefs.

Strategy & planning

Strategy and planning describes how set goals will be achieved using reflection and resources available.


Planned and ad hoc decisions and actions, employed in the moment for the pursuit of goal/s.

Perceptual awareness

Tacit knowledge used to quickly recognise the environment and make accurate decisions: based on experiences, observations, emotions and intuition.

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