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Physical literacy

Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is about building the skills, knowledge and behaviours that give us the confidence and motivation to live active lives.


The attitudes and emotions a person has towards movement and the impact they have on their confidence and motivation to move.

Engagement & enjoyment

Positive emotions and experiences derived from movement and physical activity.


A belief in self worth and ability to perform in movement and physical activity.


Reasons for engaging in movement and physical activity in response to internal or external factors.

Connection to place

Appreciation and connection to the environment, both built and natural in relation to movement and physical activity.


Understands self in relation to movement and physical activity and recognises personal strengths and areas for development.

Self-regulation (emotions)

Ability to manage emotions and resulting behaviours in relation to movement and physical activity.

Self-regulation (physical)

Recognising and managing physical signals such as pain, fatigue and exertion.

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