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Gridiron Australia delivering Flag Football in schools from Term 3

Sporting Schools is excited to announce that Gridiron Australia is joining the program as their 39th national sporting organisation partner.

Schools can choose American football in their Term 3 grant application when applying for funding, and if successful, can book Gridiron Australia to deliver the popular Flag Football program in both primary and secondary schools.

Flag Football, the newest Olympic sport set to feature at the LA 2028 Olympic games, offers students an engaging and inclusive introduction to American football. Through this program, students will develop teamwork, strategy, and physical fitness skills in a dynamic and enjoyable environment.

The dynamic and inclusive nature of flag football is perfect for engaging students of all ages and skill levels. From teaching the fundamentals to fostering teamwork and sportsmanship, flag football offers a thrilling and accessible avenue for physical activity.

"This is a huge milestone for our sport. Since the announcement that flag football will become an Olympic sport at the 2028 Olympics, we have been inundated with boys and girls wanting to join their local league. We are absolutely thrilled to partner with the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools program to deliver flag football right across Australia." said Wade Kelly, CEO of Gridiron Australia. "We can't wait to see every boy and girl in Australia having the chance to experience the fun and excitement of one of the world's most popular sports in flag football."

Delivery partner of Gridiron Australia, Bring it on Sports, expressed their enthusiasm about delivering flag football through Sporting Schools and hope that this collaboration will provide greater opportunities for the sport to be experienced by many more students and schools throughout the country.

Visit Gridiron Australia’s page on the Sporting School’s website for more information.

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