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Inclusive Sport

Benefits of inclusion in sport

Sport should be accessible, safe, and fun for everyone to be part of and enjoy.

Creating inclusive sports is ‘the right thing to do’ because, ultimately, it nurtures a society that gives everyone a sense of belonging.

Being part of an inclusive sport environment gives individuals positive social and health outcomes. It provides a space where diverse groups can build trust in one another, helping to break down social and cultural stigmas or barriers, and strengthen overall community connections.

Benefits of inclusion for sports and clubs

Being inclusive has significant benefits for both your club and the broader community.

Adopting a proactive and conscious focus on inclusion for your club will:

  • help to secure the long-term sustainability of your club
  • increase membership, volunteer and participant base
  • expand sponsorship opportunities
  • develop a stronger, better connected sport community
  • increase community support and public image
  • ensure consistency in ‘walking the talk’ to meet your strategic objectives
  • enrich the culture and increase comfort and awareness at your club.
Benefits of inclusion for communities

An inclusive environment at a sporting club can quickly become a hub for the local community. A safe and inclusive place that benefits the community.

Creating this at your club can:

  • create sporting clubs that are truly reflective of their community
  • meet the growing needs of our dynamic and diverse communities
  • embrace and celebrate diverse skills and values that reflect the local community
  • contribute to positive physical and mental health in the community
  • breakdown social stigmas and barriers
  • strengthen a sense of community identity and social connectedness
  • provide an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge
  • provide a safe and inclusive support network where all members of the community can bring their best selves.
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