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Inclusive Sport

Evidence and resources

Support the learning and development of inclusive and diverse practices within your sporting community.

Browse the evidence and resources below and familiarise yourself with some of the research driving diversity and inclusion in sport.

A variety of tools, templates and ready made posters/social media tiles have also been provided to help you promote inclusion and diversity at your organisation/club.

Glossary of terms

Ableism – is the discrimination or prejudice against people with disability. Ableism can take the form of ideas and assumptions, stereotypes, attitudes and practices, physical barriers in the environment, or larger scale oppression.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) – the terms ‘culturally and linguistically diverse’ (CALD) and ‘non-English speaking background’ (NESB) are both commonly used to refer to all of Australia’s population who do not identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples, or the English-speaking Anglo-Saxon majority.

Culture (organisational) – can be described as the ‘personality’ of an organisation or ‘the way we do things around here’. It guides how a club or association operates, and in turn, how its members normally behave.

Disability – a disability can generally be defined as a condition which may restrict a person’s mental, sensory or mobility functions to undertake or perform a task in the same way as a person who does not have a disability.

Direct and indirect discrimination – direct discrimination occurs if a person treats someone unfavourably because of a personal characteristic protected by law (such as race, gender, disability). Indirect discrimination occurs where a requirement, condition or practice is imposed that, on the face of it applies equally to all, but in practice can only be met by certain advantaged people.

Diversity – the outcome of conscious inclusion. It is recognising, respecting and valuing individual differences that intersect and form who they are.

Equality – everyone has equal opportunities, especially in relation to status and rights.

Equity – everyone has fair access to opportunities based on their individual needs.

Inclusion – proactive and intentional behaviours that create an environment where people feel a sense of belonging.

LGBTQI+ – stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and other identities.

Member Protection Policy (MPP) – a MPP is designed to protect members, including players/participants, administrators, coaches and officials, from discrimination, harassment and inappropriate behaviour and outlines how complaints are dealt with.

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) – a MPIO is the person responsible at a club, association or sport for providing information and options to a person making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – a framework or business plan that documents what an organisation commits to do to contribute to reconciliation in Australia.

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