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Creating positive, inclusive experiences for everyone who wants to participate.

Sport Australia believes that every Australian should be able to participate in sport and physical activity in a welcoming and inclusive way – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, cultural background, ethnicity, location or life stage.

Every person should be treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.

We recognise that people cannot enjoy themselves or perform at their best if they are treated unfairly, so Australian sports and physical activity providers must provide environments that are free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.

Inclusive Sport Framework

Having an Inclusive Sport Framework in place sends an overt message that the sport will not tolerate discrimination, barriers or disadvantage. It shows that everyone is included, everyone is treated equal and everyone will be made to feel part of the organisation. It can also help attract new members, sponsors and other community organisations with similar values, who want to align with your brand and activities.

Sport Australia has developed a five step process and a comprehensive toolkit to assist sports to develop their own Inclusive Sport Frameworks. Through this process, sports will develop clear strategies, policies, programs and practices that encourage greater diversity and inclusion.

The Inclusive Sport Framework was developed by Sport Australia in partnership with Golf Australia and Dr Paul Oliver. It is based on the 7 Pillars of Inclusion model – a new way of advancing diversity and inclusion in sport that has already been implemented by several sports in Australia.

There are federal and state/territory anti-discrimination laws that make discrimination and harassment unlawful in relation to a person’s gender, sexuality, disability, race, colour, national and ethnic origin, descent, ethnic or ethno-religious background in all areas of life, including sport. It is important to communicate federal, state and territory government anti-discrimination information to ensure people are aware of compliance within different jurisdictional legislation.

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