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Participation Design Toolkit

Participation across life stages

Sport and physical activity data and insights to inform participation offerings across life stages

Youth 15-17 years

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Less than a quarter of 15 to 17 year olds are sufficiently active during this critical life stage. Sports can help turn this around by better understanding and adapting to the changing needs of this segment.

Download the 15-17 life stage snapshot

Insights to help attract and retain:

Active (15-17)
Insights to help retain participants and keep people active

Insufficiently active (15-17)
Insights to help acquire and retain participants and get people more active

Inactive (15-17)
Insights to help understand the barriers to participation for inactive people

Featured resource

Learn more about the attitudes and motivations to sport and physical activity for this age group through:

The life stages resource uses 2019 data from AusPlay; the Australian sport and physical activity participation survey.

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