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School's back for Term 2, here's what that means for Sporting Schools

Students have the opportunity to play sport and get active during term two as part of the Sporting Schools program.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact school communities, Sporting Schools has adapted to make it easier for schools to keep students active while adhering to Australian Government recommendations.

Each successful primary and secondary school will receive $650 to implement a teacher-delivered program, access online delivery resources or make purchases that will assist in the delivery of sporting activities.

A new Spending Fact Sheet for term two highlights different ways in which schools can use their Sporting Schools funding during this challenging period. Some of the ways the funding can be used includes:

  • Teacher-delivered programs – Purchase teacher-delivered packages through the Sporting Schools booking system.
  • Online resources and teacher professional development – Sporting Schools partners have developed online resources which can be delivered in a classroom or at home as well as online teacher professional development opportunities.
  • Equipment – Schools can purchase equipment to help support the delivery of sporting activities in term two or future terms. Any equipment purchased will still need to adhere to the Spending Fact Sheet for the program.

Changes to delivery for term two 2020

Sporting Schools has also updated the program parameters as a one-off in term two to ensure schools can deliver sports in a safe environment.  These changes include:

  • Coach-delivered packages will not be supported
  • The ability to purchase equipment and other supported expenses without having to deliver a sports program
  • Removing the requirement to deliver a minimum of four sessions
  • Removing the requirement to deliver to a minimum of 10 participants.

Term three applications and funding

With schools continuing to operate under changing and uncertain circumstances, Sporting Schools has revised grant application dates to allow more time for schools to apply for funding.

Grant applications for term three will now open on Monday 15 June, 2020 and will close on
Friday 26 June, 2020 at 8pm AEST.

Schools applying for a term three grant will need to follow the Spending Fact Sheet as per the normal Sporting Schools parameters.

If you have any questions regarding the Sporting Schools program, please contact the Sporting Schools Client Support Centre on or 1300 785 707.

Active at home

With many schools impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, sporting organisations and physical activity providers have developed resources and online activities to support students at home. Visit the Active at home page to find out more information.


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