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Grants and Funding

Local Sporting Champions

Applications are assessed three times a year. The timeframe for when an application is assessed is determined by when the application is submitted, as detailed below:

Round Round Opening & Closing Dates* Assessment Timeline Applicants Notified
Round 1, 2018/19 1 Mar 2018 - 30 Jun 2018 Jul – Aug 2018 Aug 2018
Round 2, 2018/19 1 Jul 2018 - 31 Oct 2018 Nov – Dec 2018 Dec 2018
Round 3, 2018/19 1 Nov 2018 - 28 Feb 2019 Mar – Apr 2019 Apr 2019
Round 1, 2019/201 Mar 2019 - 30 Jun 2019Jul – Aug 2019Aug 2019

* Applications must be submitted within these dates to be assessed during that round.

Please note: the assessment and payment timeframes are set as per the table above. We endeavor to finalise the process as soon as possible, however Sport Australia is unable to assess or process the grant earlier than the stated dates for each round.

At the end of each round, an independent panel assesses eligible applications, taking into consideration the:

  • Quality of application
  • Level of competition (international, national or state)
  • Demographics of applicant
  • Age of applicant
  • Distance travelled to championships
  • Previous funding received

Applicants can receive a maximum of two grants per allocation year (refer to the Eligibility Criteria for details). To increase the chance of receiving a grant, applicants are encouraged to submit an application for each competition they attend.

Applications for competitions greater than six months away may be assessed in a later round closer to the competition date.

You will be advised on the outcome of your application via email.

Receiving a Grant


Successful applicants will be notified via email or mail.

Receiving the grant

The grant will be paid into the account listed on your application within two weeks from receiving the notification. If your account details have changed since submitting the application, please contact us on (02) 6214 1462 or email immediately.

Requirements of receiving a grant

As a recipient, you are required to:

  • Abide by the program Terms and Conditions;
  • Spend the grant on any associated cost of attending the nominated championships, or use the grant as a reimbursement for any associated costs incurred for attending the nominated championships;
  • Contact us on (02) 6214 1462 or email if your contact details or circumstances change, particularly if you are no longer able to attend the nominated championships; and
  • Keep records as proof of spending the grant and attending the nominated championships, and provide them to Sport Australia for the purpose of auditing the grant (if requested).


You may be selected for a check on how you have used your grant. These obligations are set out in the program Terms and Conditions.

If contacted, you must:

  • comply with any written requests by the designated due date; and
  • provide Sport Australia, or its authorised representatives, with records confirming that the grant was used towards your participating at the nominated championships.

These records can be receipts or bank transaction records confirming the date and amount relevant to your attendance at the nominated championships. Examples include:

  • A flight itinerary showing your name, the departure and return dates, and total cost.
  • A receipt showing relevant accommodation details which aligns with your competition dates.
  • An invoice and/or associated receipt for the competition registration fee which clearly lists your name and the nominated competition name.
  • Receipts for meals that align with your travel/attendance at the competition.

Unsuccessful Applicants


If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified via email within two months from the round closing.


The LSC program is currently oversubscribed with a large number of applications received each year. The assessment process is highly competitive and funding cannot be guaranteed.

If your application was unsuccessful, we encourage you to review the suggestions provided in the application form questions, and ensure you include as much information as possible to support your case.

Sport Australia recommends that you apply again if you have another eligible competition to attend.

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