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YMCA Victoria – Girl’s Surf Camp

Program Details
Overview A weekend camp program for teenage girls to learn to surf. Designed as a holistic lifestyle approach, the program included healthy eating, stretching, meditation, environmental care discussions and surf lessons.
Deliverers 2 x instructors qualified in both surfing and yoga
Training and Resources Both instructors have surfing and yoga accreditation and extensive experience in healthy eating and environmental care.
Duration 3 days/2 nights
Participant Details
Age 13 - 17 years
Description Females with beginner-novice surfing experience

“My child has definitely done a health check with her diet! She came back with a very positive attitude, and I would not hesitate to send her to the next camp. Just a fantastic positive outcome.” (Parent)

Physical literacy outcomes

YMCA Victoria – Girl’s Surf Camp helped children develop across all four domains of  physical literacy– physical, psychological, social and cognitive.

Key findings

The program’s success was supported by having:
> qualified and knowledgeable instructors to answer questions and talk about the ‘thinking’ behind surfing
> a camp style program that allowed for a holistic approach to learn about health eating, healthy mind and how these affect surfing performance.
The social group connections were critical to supporting the girls to learn with each other while at camp and also create a group that they could go surfing with in the future.
Parent sessions at the end of the camp greatly improved parents’ confidence and increased their support for their child to continue surfing.
Surf instructors developed their physical literacy by being role models and key supporters to promote surfing (self-Perception). They emphasised that the girls were now part of the surf community.

“She’s passionate about surfing and keen to participate. Feels confident in her ability to be able to surf. Passionate too to go surfing as a family as other family members used to surf. It has been beneficial for all the family.” (Parent)

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