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Athletics Australia – Kids' Athletics

Program Details
Overview This program aims to build the foundational skills, techniques and knowledge around how to move the body.
Deliverers Athletics Australia delivers with support from teachers
Training and Resources Coaches completed online and face-to-face training provided by Athletics Australia. Additional training was provided around the Physical Literacy Framework.
Duration 1 x 60 minute session/week x 8 weeks
Participant Details
Age 5 – 12 years
Description Primary school students in the school setting

Physical literacy outcomes

Athletics Australia – Kids' Athletics helped children develop across all four domains of physical literacy – physical, psychological, social and cognitive.

Key findings

Having fun was key.
Students enjoyed activities when they were with their friends as they provided a socially supportive environment.
Coach’s language was important to create a safe, trusting space where children could engage, learn and improve. For example, when a student said, “I am not good at throwing” the coach responded, “You either haven’t learnt how to do it yet, or you are still working on it, it’s just practice”.
Students were encouraged to better their own performance through learning and practice.
Collaboration between coaches and teachers ensured a good understanding of the children and the school environment.
Teachers benefited from observing a qualified coach create an engaging and safe learning environment. They also increased their capacity to deliver physical literacy outcomes.
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