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YMCA Victoria - Healthy Bodies program

Program Details
Overview Game based program with two sessions each week:
1. Clever Bodies - to develop throwing and catching skills
2. Fast Bodies - to develop movement skills such as running, skipping and jumping.
Deliverers YMCA Victoria OSHC staff
Training and Resources Session plans were provided to staff. Staff attended two training sessions prior before the program started.
Duration Two x 50 minute sessions x 10 weeks
1 x Clever bodies/week
1 x Fast Bodies/week
Participant Details
Age 5 – 12 years
Description Primary school students who attended OSHC centres in the after-school timeslot

“Are we doing Healthy Bodies today?” (Student)

“I feel tired, but I feel good, I liked the games.” (Student)

Physical literacy outcomes

Healthy Bodies helped children develop across all four domains of physical literacy – physical, psychological, social and cognitive.

Key findings

Students were highly engaged by the games based approach and the variety of activities.
Students built their confidence over the course of the program and showed improvements across all four domains of physical literacy.
The program successfully used the captive setting of out of school hours care to reach a target cohort (young children) and develop their physical literacy.
Relationships within the group were visibly strengthened when the deliverer joined in games and activities.
The setting provided a valuable communication channel to reach and inform parents about how their child was developing a positive relationship with physical activity.
The extent of development was dependent on the quality and experience of the deliverer. This shows how a skilled workforce positively impacts physical literacy development.
Students developed a good sense of self as they were provided with opportunities to talk about how they were feeling before and after the Healthy Bodies sessions.

“I am excited because I can’t wait for the games.” (Student)

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