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Connecting coaches and school communities around Australia

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Through Sporting Schools coaches can:

  • Belong to Australia’s largest ever sport participation program
  • Connect to national sporting organisations (NSOs) and state sporting organisations
  • Gain access to quality NSO coaching resources
  • Enhance and develop new skills
  • Build relationships, establish new networks and gain community recognition
  • Gain access to a range of training and development opportunities

How to register

Sporting Schools has partnered with more than 35 key national sporting organisations (NSOs) to help deliver a quality Sporting Schools experience.

Coaches wanting to deliver Sporting Schools programs need to register directly with their NSO. Select from the list of sports below to view their contact details and find out their coaching requirements in 'Who can deliver?'.


How does it work?

Once a coach has registered and successfully met the relevant coach requirements for their chosen sport, the national sporting organisation (NSO) or NSO nominated coaching provider may include them as part of their coaching network. Coaches can then be assigned school bookings using the Sporting Schools booking system. Coach booking requests are managed via email, allowing coaches to accept or decline bookings assigned to them.

Visit the online Help Centre to learn more about coaching in Sporting Schools.

Terms and Conditions

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